JOBS – Well paying, living-wage jobs will be a product of a business-friendly administration that focuses on reducing or eliminating barriers and regulations that make investing in labor and workforce cost-prohibitive today.

HOUSING – By reducing barriers to housing development we will incentivize housing development for ALL portions of the housing market (affordable, mid-range, and higher-end). We must recognize that opportunity exists for in-fill, urban, and smaller-scale new-housing development.

STREETS – We now have a sales tax dedicated to residential street improvements. You can expect me to ensure that these funds will be utilized for the much-needed repairs.

PUBLIC-SAFETY – Our entire public safety team, including but limited to law-enforcement need additional resources to address challenges related to the opioid and drug epidemic. Increasing the capacity for our public safety team to get resources is a basic responsibility of our city government – especially increasing mental health treatment referral options.