I can say, without reservation, that in David A. Nolle, Duluth will have a mayor with integrity and an earnest ability to analyze, plan, and produce.

David’s collaborative leadership style includes listening to all points of view, but then playing devil’s advocate to all positions, including (probably mostly) his own. Only then can you make an informed decision that is robust and can stand up in the real world.

He taught me to collect and analyze all data; to celebrate, but not be satisfied with success; and to use that analysis to build on success.

Duluth needn’t have its choice in mayor dictated by whomever was “chosen” by a small group of people. You can choose to do something different. Choose the candidate who can work best for the city.

Rory O’Donnell

I’m excited to see a friend and mentor running for public office. I know he has the vision and knowledge to develop a plan and will find the right people to actualize it. David A. Nolle is the right person to be the next mayor of Duluth, Minnesota.

Ben Mahlke